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Teaching Strategies - Mathematics K-10

Number and Algebra

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of our newsletter! This newsletter aims to support teachers implementing the new K-10 mathematics syllabus in NSW, specifically in Stages 3 and 4 where most of the changes have occurred. We want to bridge the gap between primary and secondary through providing information on current pedagogical research, new content and teaching ideas to assist in the classroom. We hope you find this a helpful resource. 

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Patterns and Algebra and Linear Relationships

This is our second issue of The Mathematical Bridge newsletter. This issue continues our focus on the Number and Algebra strand and looks more closely at the progress of Patterns and Algebra, Linear Relationships and Algebraic Techniques across Stage 3 and 4 Mathematics and the connections to other substrands. We see these connections as important as these concepts become prerequisite knowledge for our students by the time they leave primary school.

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Measurement and Geometry

This is our third issue of The Mathematical Bridge. This issue focuses on the Geometry section of the Measurement and Geometry strand and looks more closely at the progress of Two-Dimensional Space, Angles and Angle Relationships across Stage 3 and 4 Mathematics. We see these connections as important as the links between shapes and their angle properties become foundational knowledge as students develop geometric deductive and reasoning skills. The associated language, symbols, notation and conventions are all essential in developing an appropriate level of understanding.

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Statistics and Probability

Our fourth issue of The Mathematical Bridge focuses on Statistics across Stage 3 and 4 Mathematics. As the strand of Statistics and Probability is quite large and contains a number of different and interrelated concepts, we have chosen to separate the two for the purposes of our newsletter so we can focus on each one and the complexities they involve. Please note that as the continuum of learning develops from Stage 2 into 3 and 4, the investigations undertaken in Chance are recorded and analysed as part of Data in table and graph form. As these concepts develop, more links and connections between the concepts can be seen and explored. Our fifth edition that will be released later in Term 4 will be on Probability specifically.

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Developing Teaching and Learning Programs

This edition of The Mathematical Bridge focuses on teaching and learning programs. We explore ideas for scope and sequences, as well as essential features of a mathematics program. In addition, we review resources to support the development and strengthening of mathematical concepts. We will discuss how students learn through addressing Vygotsky’s definition of Zone of Proximal Development and investigate the importance of allowing opportunities in programs for identifying students’ prior knowledge before teaching new concepts.

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