FOCUS AREA 4: Measurement and time calculations
A student applies measurement strategies and understands time

early in STAGE 3

  • Uses the kilometre to measure lengths and distances
  • Records lengths and distances using the abbreviations km, m, cm and mm
  • Finds perimeters of common 2D shapes


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  • Uses square kilometres and hectares to measure area
  • Records areas using the abbreviations km2 and ha


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  • Selects and uses cubic centimetres and cubic metres to measure and estimate volumes, and record using the abbreviations cm3 and m3
  • Uses tonnes to measure mass and record masses using the abbreviations t, kg and g
  • Distinguishes between ‘gross mass’ and ‘net mass’
  • Solves problems involving mass

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  • Understands and uses 12 hour and 24 hour time to solve problems


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  • Understands and uses 12 and 24 hour time and/or am and pm in the target language


  • Explores and recognises the use and importance of time within music compositions


  • Uses measurement tools to find distances such as throwing of a discus or javelin


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