FOCUS AREA 3 : Spatial visualisation, geometric reasoning and mapping
A student understands and applies concepts of 2D shapes and 3D objects, angles and position

early in STAGE 4

  • Draws and identifies cross sections
  • Determines if a solid has a uniform or non-uniform cross section

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  • Translates, rotates and reflects points and shapes on a number plane

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  • Solves problems involving triangles and properties of quadrilaterals
  • Solves problems involving the angle sum of a triangle or quadrilateral
  • Identifies line and rotational symmetry

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  • Graphs, interprets and analyses graphs of linear relationships including interpolation and extrapolation
  • Uses contour maps
  • Uses synoptic charts

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  • Locates reference points on the globe, latitude and longitude
  • Creates perspective drawings; looks at contour lines, reads and interprets synoptic charts; creates and interprets complex spatial information from maps and grids


  • Investigates position of important places and position in the world
  • Maps the spread of the Black Death


  • Works in grids, squares, rectangles and dance formations
  • Looks at angles and biomechanical principles e.g. best angles for throwing, pivoting and angles of the body


  • Draws scientific diagrams in two dimensions
  • Describes shapes of transparent prisms

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