FOCUS AREA 3 : Spatial visualisation, geometric reasoning and mapping
A student understands and applies concepts of 2D shapes and 3D objects, angles and position

early in STAGE 2

  • Identifies, describes and compares features of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres
  • Makes models of 3D objects
  • Creates nets from everyday packaging


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  • Identifies and names the special quadrilaterals presented in different orientations
  • Identifies and describes shapes as regular and irregular
  • Describes and compares features of shapes, including the special quadrilaterals
  • Identifies and draws lines of symmetry on shapes


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  • Identifies and describes angles as measures of turn
  • Compares angle sizes in everyday situations
  • Identifies perpendicular lines and right angles

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  • Uses grid-referenced maps to locate and describe positions and pathways
  • Draws simple maps, with and without a grid


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  • Explores more complex patterns and tessellations


  • Creates and observes balances in gymnastics to identify regular and irregular slopes, symmetry and angles of body parts in relation to others


  • Describes changes that have occurred over time in the natural environment
  • Observes how time can be measured through investigation of the movement of the sun and shadows

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